Steam Distilling

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The incentive for writing this book came from the discovery of a gold mine in the back yard. Not a literal gold mine of course but its equivalent. The discovery of the elegant but rather simple procedures and equipment required for making pure alcohol at a fraction of the commercial price.


Flavoured Vodkas

Whisky, Rum, & Brandy


Commercial Essences

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Moonlight & Roses coverSo, with an unlimited supply of very cheap and very pure alcohol at our disposal the question arose --- what to do with it? The conclusion reached was that the best thing to do with it is a) flavour it in various ways, and b) drink it.

With this in mind "" has been written. The title derives from the belief that the only essential element in every alcoholic drink is the alcohol ---- all the rest is merely "". All conceivable flavouring methods are discussed, from infusion, to steam-distilling, to the use of commercial flavouring essences.


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