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CherriesMany delightful books can be found on the making of liqueurs, using every fruit imaginable. The cherries shown here are simply one of the possibilities.

There are two methods for producing liqueurs at home. One is by steeping fruit and herbs in vodka for several weeks or months, while the other simply involves adding a flavouring essence to vodka.



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Vodka is not cheap, however, so if you have to buy it there would be little advantage cost-wise over buying a ready-made commercial liqueur. The picture changes completely, however, if you can produce your own vodka for $1 per litre. Under such circumstances a full range of liqueurs becomes available at very little cost.

It should be noted that the "moonshine" made by many amateurs is quite unsuitable for the production of liqueurs. This is because it has such a strong flavour of its own that it would mask or spoil any added flavouring ingredient.