United States to legalize home distilling


A bill tabled in the 107th U.S. Congress by representative Bart Stupak of Michigan
(H.R. 3249) proposes to legalize home distilling in the United States. You can
follow its progress through the House by entering "H.R. 3249" in the Bill Number field in:


The significance of this development cannot be over-estimated. New Zealanders have been allowed to distil spirits for their own consumption since 1996, a freedom denied to citizens in most other countries. Anticipating the likely passage of this bill, Americans can start to think seriously about entering the fascinating world of spirit-making ----- rum, whiskey, gin, vodka, etc. ---- plus all those other exotic spirits such as schnapps, tequila, brandy, and liqueurs from around the world.

If a large and democratic country such as the United States decides to remove the ban on home distilling, people in other countries will inevitably start to question why they too can't be granted this self-same freedom ----- the freedom to enjoy a hobby as innocuous as beer- and wine-making.

So ------- the dawn of a new era lies just over the horizon.

Prepare yourself for this historic event by reading about distillation and learning the procedures involved in making commercial quality (or better) vodka, whiskey, gin, brandy, and other spirits. And then: consider the possibility of owning and operating a professionally designed high-purity glass fractionating still.

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